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Exploring Montrose: A Diverse and Vibrant Houston Neighborhood

Montrose is a unique neighborhood that's full of life and culture. With its eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, and attractions, there's always something to see and do in Montrose. From the historic architecture to the stunning street art, this neighborhood is a feast for the eyes.

Montrose Houston Tammy Hendricks Team

Getting Active in Montrose: Parks, Trails, and Fitness Centers

Montrose is also a great place to stay active. With its many parks and green spaces, you can easily spend the day outdoors. There are also plenty of fitness centers and studios where you can take a yoga or spin class.

Support Local Businesses and Find Unique Treasures

Montrose Houston Tammy Hendricks Team.jpg

Montrose is a haven for independent shops and local businesses. You can find everything from vintage clothing to handmade jewelry in this neighborhood. By shopping in Montrose, you'll not only find unique treasures, but you'll also be supporting the local community.

Places to Eat



Common Bond Cafe & Bakery



The Pit Room

La Guadalupana Bakery & Cafe

Things to do this month

September 2023

1001 Westheimer Rd

Sunday, September 17



Homes for Sale in Montrose

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